Rise of the Runelords

Session 60-61 (Grayson)

with the morning prayers done, Jai raised and Mandraiv forgiven by his god we were ready to go. Not too soon as far as I was concerned, I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep a wink. Had to keep one eye open in case the ‘friendly’ giant turned on us. Did the party not know it was only a matter of time before she did. Or perhaps she already had by feeding us false information, caution was best just in case.

Heading back the way we came we found some captives guarded by yet more giants. Despite Mandraiv trying to be merciful I made sure they didn’t get up again, those and the ogres hiding around the corner. It didn’t pay to be reckless with helping the ‘good’ giant. With Cora scouting ahead and Mandraiv almost silent this was turning out to be a pleasant stroll.

Unfortunately Cora got a bit overconfident, skipping down the corridor ahead. Then without warning a flaming pike stabbed out from one of the gaps in the cave wall. The Halfling screamed and battle ensued. It turned out our enemies this time were trolls, black trolls, and they used the terrain to their advantage. With Jai almost skewered in two, Mandraiv called out to Sarenrae and almost fell over as he sacrificed himself for the monk. The party was split up and taking damage, Dax couldn’t target his spells effectively and Milosh was now busy healing Mandraiv. Without a thought I squeezed through one of the gaps and made my way towards the troll. Despite it’s best efforts it was no match for me, especially when I was joined by Cora. Once we started to work together there was no stopping us. Interesting that Conna the giant hadn’t mentioned these trolls, or that they were allies…

As we headed down deeper into the underground the walls started to become worked, until finally we entered into a corridor, alien like where all of the corners has been rounded off. Strange, and unnerving. Cora headed off, more cautious this time as she crept ahead. Before long she came back. A spellcasting giant covered in Runes around the corner. Luckily it hadn’t seen her. After a short discussion and some preparatory spells it was time, another giant to deal with. Cora headed in first and I followed, but as I entered the room everything seemed to get larger. The giant now looked huge, Cora no longer looked small to me and all of the rest of the party were now giant sized….




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