Rise of the Runelords

Session 60-61 (Dax)

After a fitful nights sleep that had nothing to do with the brandy (maybe I should’ve drunk more!), I awoke with a sudden feeling that I now had the ability to transport myself and a few of the group all the way home …. Mmmmm how tempting is that!!

Grayson starts waffling on and on as he talks to Mandraiv. He mends the shattered scimitar and then gets the sulking ex-Paladin to hold his hand over a candle as he recites an Atonement spell.

Conna carries on telling us what she knows about Mokmurian and things start dropping into place, along the lines of some Runelord that is a tad greedy …. who isn’t?

Time to go find the runty stunty stone giant called Mokmorian.
After casting a few spells we head out, going back to where Grayson snuffed it briefly to explore the tunnels we hadn’t checked out previously. We’ve got to find a way down to the next level as that’s where Conna said to we’ll find titch.

Cora sneaks off and when she returns she tells us of some Hrumffing things and a giant blacksmith with people in cages. Mandraiv says that we should save the people. Seems this atonement thing has stuck in his brain for now … but for how long?

Casting invisibility on Cora, we move a bit closer to get ready to start the offensive. Really must do something about Mandraiv’s armour!!
A moment later a couple of stone giants and ogres stomp round the corner and the fight is on.
A few spells and some well placed blows and they are soon all down. Time to free the prisoners. Ten in total, 5 humans from Sandpoint and 5 dwarves who want to take the fight to the giants. They’re in no condition to fight or so Milosh diplomatically puts it.
Finally after much grumbling, like my stomach, they agree to wait whilst we go and finish the job.

Now we got a pair of trolls stabbing at us from behind a wall. Well I mean through gaps in the wall.
Jai peers closer into a hole and gets a ranseur in the eye for his trouble. At least the flames on the weapon quarterised the wound.
To help Jai and to stop him from being skewered again I kindly cast displacement on him. He doesn’t even say thank you before rushing off leaving the poor defenceless spell caster all on his own! Selfish bastard.
Finally I manage to catch up with the bastard and Milosh …. no idea where Grayson, Cora or Mandraiv have gone …. and I can just make out one of the trolls. Bloody thing manages to shrug off my glitterdust spell (mumble, grumble).
Ohh, it’s finally squeezed itself out from behind the wall and now it’s in the open. What shall I do now?
I cast slow at it and it works. But Grayson steps out from nowhere and twats it one. Down it goes and I start to splash it with acid and before moving on the other one. Both stop moving.
Time to gather up the loot. Some magic ranseurs, magic cloaks, magic gauntlets and an elemental gem. Grayson gives me the gem. Jai and Mandraiv grab the cloaks.

The rough tunnel winds down and down and it seems like ages have passed before the tunnel walls start to become worked stone. The corridor splits in two and Cora goes right to explore further.
She explains that there is a room ahead containing a runeslave giant, a set of double doors and a light. Strange thing is that she says that when stepping into the room, she felt something magical trying to affect her, but she managed to shrug it off.
The plan is the cast a couple of spells, end with haste and get everyone in to deal with the giant pronto.
So far so good but strangely Grayson goes all small!!

Stay tuned to the next episode of Numpties go Underground :)



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