Rise of the Runelords

Session 59 (Dax)

After telling Milosh that I’m going into the main room to look for Cora, I move carefully forwards. No sign of Cora, but I see the body of a giant but more importantly, I see several very living giants coming closer. Errr make that three more giants, oh and another one that is floating ten feet off the ground!

Hiding in a tunnel for cover I summon a Bralani Azata to help us in the fight, I ask her nicely to keep the floaty giant occupied whilst the rest of us finish off the other ones. Trouble is Mandraiv then chooses to fall over and take a nap. Plonker!

With only the floaty giant to deal with, I manage to confuse her which allows the rest of the gang to get into position to take her down. When Mandraiv, now recovered, strikes her, his sword shatters into a hundred pieces, making me pause for a moment. Using one of my own spells to dispel the confusion, I speak to the floaty giant in her own tongue and ask her to surrender …. which astonishingly she does.

Her name is Conna and she tells us that she means us no harm. Doing my best to keep Grayson from attacking her and also wondering why Mandraiv has a rather blank look on his face (more blank then normal). Following Conna to a safe place, she tells us that Mokmurian sacrificed her husband to one of the runelords, Karzoog, and she wants him dead. If that happens she can perhaps help disperse the giant kin and stop this blood shed.
Giving us details of the layout and information of where we’ll find Mokmurian, she also tells us that the dragon is still allied to him.
Now it’s time to rest as well be safe in this supposedly haunted section of the cave system. Grayson can bring Jai back to life and perhaps aid Mandraiv in mending the broken connection to his god. This is why he had a rather blank look on his face.
Grayson also said to Mandraiv that he could mend his scimitar, to which he reply ‘Oh, cool’. A thank you would have been nice!

Right, time to rest and have a wee snifter to celebrate the fact I wasn’t harmed in the fight. And then another to celebrate the fact that most of us survived. And another to toast the fact that Jai can be brought back from the dead. And another to celebrate a sort of alliance with Conna. And another to …..



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