Rise of the Runelords

Session 57/58 (Dax)

Nothing of interest in the tower, time to explore the tunnels in the cliffs below Jorgen fist. Perhaps one of these will provide us with a sneaky way in, rather that presenting ourselves at the front gates.
After a lot of verbal diarrhoea about Mandraiv’s inability to climb down to the cavemouth and to stop my ears from bleeding, I change from cloud form back to my normal form and use a dimension door spell to take myself, Mandraiv and Jai the cave entrance.

Cora sneaks in after I’ve given everyone the ability to see in the dark, but she attracts the attention of some nasty undead type spiders.
We make short work of them but not before Cora and Mandraiv have been bitten. We find some magic stuff amongst the webs, but first I have to ‘wet the whistle’.

A secret door! Well done Cora. The little lady has darn good eyes.
Down the narrow tunnel we go, tighter and tighter it gets, but Cora doesn’t seem to mind, cos she’s is little. Then just as we get to an even tighter spot, these little humanoid things, wearing red coloured caps, jump out at us and attack.
Milosh says that these things are Redcaps and feykin. They don’t like coldiron weapons or holy symbols. What a strange cocktail!

Anyway, the guys and gal get stuck into the blighters. Cora seems to get stabbed a few times so I put a displacement spell on her. Then with only two critters still standing I blind one of them temporarily. Milosh takes full advantage of its blindedness and stabs it three times.
Mandraiv tries to follow suit but fails.
With one left standing it lashes out and the look of horror on Grayson’s face seems to tell me that it’s gonna hurt big time. But Mandraiv utters a quick prayer before crying out in pain. Hmm that was some sacrifice … at least he’s good for something!

The last one drops to the rocky floor but a moment later one of its kin opens its blinded eyes and kicks out at Mandraiv. I send some heavenly fire at the critter sending it back to unconsciousness.
‘At least I’ve determined that they’re evil’ I say.
A moment later the slaughter ends with none of the redcaps moving.

Creeping and crawling further along the tunnels, a cry in a strange language is heard. People start moving forward in a rather submissive manner. Don’t know why?
Then the kobold comes into view and it attacks with a very angry look on its face.
It doesn’t seem to like Grayson much as it pursues him where ever he steps and takes him down.
But then Mandraiv finally gets there and takes slays the creature.
Jai rummages into his pack and then Grayson’s pack and hands me a scroll and some dust, telling me to use the dust so that I can cast the raise dead spell on the scroll.
Just a little snifter first to calm the nerves and I start to read.

Grayson’s eyes open and I have a little drink to celebrate.

Moving on, Cora explores the tunnel beyond and tells of a large kitchen with a large cook cooking. Apparently two other giants are on watch a little further away. Asking her to wait for backup from Jai before starting her assault, Jai moves up, but part of the wall moves aside and a giant steps in to the tunnel between us, Jai and Cora.

After hasting the party I then put displacement on Grayson. Mandraiv falls over and I try and slow the giant but he shrugs off the spell.
No idea what’s happening to Jai or Cora!

Finally the stone giant dies and I push on up the tunnel to find out what’s happened to my two friends. Jai is lying in a pool of blood near the end of the tunnel and there is another giant looking my way. Time to disappear …. which I do.



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