Rise of the Runelords

Session 56 (Dax)

Three days later, we arrive in the hills that overlooks Jorgenfist. There is a large walled fort in the middle of the valley. Five towers line the walls with three structures within, one being a black shard. Seven large temporary settlements surround the fort and there is a large watchtower to the west that overlooks the valley.
Off to the east in the hillside is a cave and down to the south looks to be a river at the bottom of a large cliff.

Cora goes off to do some scouting. She tells of several giants that stand guard and on the top of the watchtower is huge female theing with grey skin and red hair. No one has a clue what it is.
Some of the giants have runes etched into their skin. Some kind of special enchantment that turns them into zombie like slaves.

Cora continues her scouting of the western side of the valley and then a shout goes up from the huge female thing. Cora goes to hide amongst one of the giant encampments but its clear that the female thing is intent on finding her so she simply flies off.
After a moment the female thing stomps back towards the watchtower before changing direction and heading to the fort. Time to act me thinks.

Jai lets fly with his bow and the female thing turns around and comes to attack, along with a couple of the rune giants.
The big Taiga Giant, as Milosh names it now that it’s closer, runs at us but Jai stops it dead in its tracks. Now time to deal with the three rune giants. But I can see the signal fire has been lit and I decide to try and put it out.
One of the rune giants charges past me which is just the reason for me to cast invisibility before I moved …. phew.
Looking over my shoulder at the combat behind me, I see Jai take a staggering blow from one of the beasts, but he’s still standing some how. Just as well as his bow hums again and down goes another giant. Two to go.

I’m close enough to call on my magic again to douse the flames of the signal fire. I hope it was in time.
No time to dispose of the corpses, not that I’m going to strain myself shifting that dead weight. Now we’re off to investigate the watchtower.



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