Rise of the Runelords

RoTR Session 59 (Mandraiv)

I don’t know how long I stared at the broken shards of metal in my hand, everything seemed to move in slow motion, from the moment my sword shattered against the giant elder to now just before dawn. More than enough time to consider my actions and why Sarenrae’s light had dimmed within my soul. I had never felt so alone, only now did I start to understand how blessed I had been, how I’d taken that blessing for granted, and focused on my own success rather than helping others to redemption. It was only when Conna, the stone giant Elder, explained how her husband had been murdered, and her people had subjugated by Mokmurian that I realised the giant’s weren’t the true enemy. In fact with the right path available to them they too could fulfil their destiny.

Thinking back over the recent fights I realised that I may have been too voracious in my attacks on the giants. Shouting the name of Sarenrae in a fight was not the same as living her tenets. Acting in defence was one thing but obviously I had overstepped my mark, and the Dawnflower had noticed. With the death of Jai we had stormed into the kitchen area slaying all of the giants in there. I’m not sure I even noticed that one of the giants hadn’t attacked, or even that she had purposely withdrawn from combat, I was so focused on slaying the creatures that had dared to invade Sandpoint. I know Grayson has his reasons for his hatred against giants but that didn’t mean I had to stoop to his level. So with Dax having confused the sole remaining giant we surrounded her and set about sending her to her grave, no quarter, no mercy. Then my sword shattered, and the world changed, becoming a little darker, a little more in shadow.

Luckily we decided to stop the slaughter at that point and Conna, as she introduced herself explained how Mokmurian, influenced by a dark lord known as Karzoug had slain her husband and taken over as the giant’s leader. Enslaving the disobedient giants through sorcery Conna realised she couldn’t stand up alone against him and so she had waited. Waited for some heroes to help her, and almost was slain by those ‘heroes’. So here we were deep in Jorgenfist discussing what our next steps were.

Decisions made we were to rest at the shrine that her husband haunted. His spirit calmed by her presence, the other giants avoided this area. Morning would come, Jai would be resurrected and Grayson would appeal to Sarenrae for atonement. My sword would be remade, all be it without magical enchantments, and I would once again stand in the light of the Dawnflower, only this time I would be true to her cause. After all I had the feeling she was watching me now…..



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