Rise of the Runelords

RotR Session 57-58

With the watchtower secured The party decided it might be too indiscreet to walk up to the front door, so it was decided to scout around first and see if there was some other entrances into the stronghold. Arriving at the cliff overlooking the river below two caves could be seen below. Perhaps one of these would lead into Mokmurian’s fortress. A few spells later and everyone was inside the first passage, making their way into the dark, web infested cave. Whilst it was no surprise to come across spiders, undead ones weren’t expected and before long both Cora and Mandraiv could feel their strength ebbing away, as poison flooded their wounds. A short while later the spiders were dead and the group tending their wounds.

After clearing the webs Cora had no trouble spotting a hidden doorway that led deeper into the cliff face, unfortunately it’s a bit tight for most of them but little Cora doesn’t have any trouble. Carefully scouting ahead she comes across a group of small gnomish creatures with bloody red caps. They didn’t seem too impressed with the party and another battle ensues. Wielding their scythes the redcaps almost decapitated Grayson. Luckily Mandraiv was there to take the blow and once again the fight was over. The party didn’t tarry long however, the cramped conditions and the possibility of more of these creatures being about driving them forward.

Once again Cora headed the group finally leading the party out into a larger ‘ giant sized’ cavern. Although what waited for them there was far from a giant. Just a small Kobald wielding a spear. Unfortunately she was a very angry kobold, and everyone knows you don’t mess with an angry Kobold. Grayson stepped up trying to calm the situation down but unfortunately that just redirected the tirade onto himself. Seconds later he was dead on the ground while the rest of the party were still moving up out of the narrow tunnels. Once the full party was there the kobold quickly fell too, And Grayson was called back from the realm of the dead. Still at least they had appeared to have found the giant stronghold.

Cora continued to scout ahead to the tunnel on the left, the others waiting behind. As the messages came back that there were giants around the corner the party embarked on a cunning plan of snaking and surprising their opponents. Unfortunately as Jai snuck ahead a secret door opened and a giant stepped out, shouting in giant, and wielding a heavy Pick. The party was split with Cora and Jai dealing with one set of giants while the others dealt with the one shouting. Cora ran rings around one of the giant, stabbing with her daggers, before hiding under one of the giant tables. Jai unleashed a storm of arrows while Mandraiv and Grayson stood up to the other giant. The giant put up a good fight grievously wounding Mandraiv but Grayson was there to heal him, before finishing off the giant. Sanding over the giant’s dead body Grayson could see the still body of Jai lying on the floor and hear sounds of the other giants searching for Cora in the room beyond. The battle was far from over and it looked like the element of surprise was now gone…



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