Rise of the Runelords

Session 48 - Yapp

The Kreeg Stronghold - Part 2

I write this with a tear in my eye as I say farewell to some true friends. With Lamatar returned life and my mistress laid to rest my adventuring days are over. Lamatar and Whitewillow need me, and so I must say farewell to Mandraiv the Mighty, Tomast the Terrific, Drake the Dubious and Minority the Cursed. Our foray into the Kreeg stronghold was successful but not easy. Let me tell you how it ended;

After my last missive, a hunched ugly giant tried to creep out, luckily we spotted her and Tomast started to shout to kill it, and that hopefully there weren’t any more of them. I was right in there attacking with my sword, swooping in as another two really ugly ones joined in. Tomast was ranting about killing one of them before something horrible happened, but nothing did. Well apart from being pushed about a bit by something invisible, no harm was done. Still Mandraiv, Drake and Minority stepped into the fray and soon one then two were felled by the heroes. The last of them then dropped to her knees, begging for her life and the life of her still breathing sister. Mandraiv went a bit soft at this point extoling the virtues of Sarenrae and that redemption was a worthwhile cause. So he let her go? Me I’d have stabbed her again, if only to put her out of her ugly misery. Before she left though she told us of Barl Breakbones, the leader, a giant Necromancer of some sort and his bodyguard. She also told us where to find Lamatar.

I was on it like a leaf on a tree, and raced off to rescue my Lady’s lover. Heading down some stairs Lamatar didn’t look good. He was all frosty and serious looking, didn’t want to talk at all. Then when the others stepped into view he just silently lifted his bow and firing arrows. Mandriaiv took a few to the chest while Minority charged in. I rushed in too, but Lamatar slapped me aside, his touch making me feel all weak. I was going to have to leave this to the professionals. Then Tomast was there, magic flying from his fingertips before Lamatar turned on him. Peppering him full of arrows, the wizard fell to the ground in a pool of his own blood. Temery was beside himself with worry, as we both tried to get him out of there. Then Mandraiv dropped, and Drake, but not before he had managed to heal the Paladin. It wasn’t looking good, and minority was obviously under some sort of curse as all her blows were missing. Desperate I rummaged in Tomast’s pockets, and pulled forth a wand. Concentrating I managed to activate it and started sending unerring missiles into the corpse that was Lamatar. Eventually my efforts paid off and Fort Rannick’s leader fell to the ground with an inaudible sigh, I was the hero, the slayer, the saviour of the day, but it didn’t feel good. Tomast was still dead and how was I going to help my mistress now.

Retreat was the only option, so we gathered our things , looted the bodies and headed back to Whitewillow with Tomast and Lamatar’s bodies. A bow, some mail and a strange ice covered sword were all we had to show for our troubles. The Kreeg leader would have to wait. The next three days were sombre as we made our way down the mountain, Mandraiv called upon Sarenrae to raise Tomast, but nothing could be done for Lamatar.

Once back at Whitewillow though a miracle occurred, Myriana’s love poured into Lamatar and his body was restored. Myriana faded into the lake and Lamatar looked forlorn. He says he will now act as guardian for Whitewillow and I am to be his squire. As for the others, well now the giant hating dwarf is back with them, they’re off to deal with this Barl Breakbones leaving us here. The swamp has started to return to normal again already, so things are looking up. And as for Temery, I’m not sure he seemed to be hinting he might not see me again, that he wasn’t finished with his own quest, our journey together was over and a new adventure waited for him… I hope he’s going to be okay…..



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