Rise of the Runelords

Session 48 - Tomast

The Kreeg Stronghold - Part 2

As a large (an old version of Minority ?) – hulking hunchbacked old woman whose fingernails need to be trimmed comes into view, I unleash a hail of missiles at her which she shakes off without taking any damage.
I recognise it as an Annis Hag, ulp ! Fortunately, there is only one of them – we’d be in real trouble if there were three or more.

Minority charges in and strikes hitting the creature, but her blade is stayed by the creatures thick hide.
And then a second one appears – oh crap – better bring the big guns out – I may have to wait a bit for my next sandwich
on account of her face is all covered in pustules.

And then a third – oh bollocks – one appears.

One of them starts to chant – this is not good !
I unleash a ball of fire but two of them remain unaffected – their resistance to magic is higher than expected.

The second one starts chanting – this is definitely not good

Mandraiv has the chance to slay one of the foul creatures but cannot handle pressure and misses with the first swing. Minority looks disappointed

And the third one starts chanting – oh crap
A large cage of force appears but yapp, Minortity and MAndraiv manage to evade being caught in it.

Blows rain in from Minority and Mandraiv but only Mandraiv’s bows seem to cut through their thick hides, Drake continues to bolster our morale with his singing – I unleash an arc of lightning and yet again one of these hag is untouched.

Finally one of the hag is slain by an arrow of acid from a wand and we hear strange sounds coming from behind the hags – it sounds like they have undead allies – this is looking bad.

One of the surviving hands steps forward and hits Mandraiv several times, grabs on with both claws and then rips him apart and to make matters worse there is now a creature of fie and light coming towards us from the other staircase. We better kill these hags before their allies get to us.

These creatures seem particularly resistant to Magic Missile but particularly susceptible to acid, as a second falls to Drakes wand – his wand of acid arrow, not the wand Minority is always talking about) – maybe this is a whole new genus of hag. If indeed they are, maybe I will be able to name their species after me – the Tomast Hag (Hagus Tomastus) has a certain ring to it. So a whole new species of Hag and a shipwreck from a forgotten battle – I see a number of papers to be submitted to the Academe.

With two of the foul creatures dead, the third surrenders (Well, I assume she surrenders – she cowers and drops to her knees and jabbers away in a language I can only assume is Hag – maybe I’ll have to learn that)

It turns out she can speak broken Common – she tells us Lamatar is guarding the shrine round the corner and is controlled by Baal Breakbones (a giant of some sort, not the same as the ones we have already killed)

Baal Breakbones arrived a month ago sent by his boss (Mokmurian) – the sisters have had an alliance with the Kreegs – at first the Kreegs weren’t too keen on taking orders but after Baal killed the leader, the Kreegs fell into line. He ordered them to attack the dam and start making weapons. He also ordered the hags to create the inclement weather we have been experiencing (which seems to have cleared up now one of them is dead).

The surviving hags beg for mercy and despite our objections, Mandraiv decides to let them go. How the hellam I going to discover more about this new species. They are able to tell us that Lamatar guards a shrine down the corridor and Baal and his bodyguard are holed up along that corridor.

Yapp decides to scout ahead and comes back to lead us to where Lamatar is. As Mandraiv and Minority enter the cave, Lamatar attacks us, the blackguard !

As I approach, I realise that he is now some creature of undeath – a frost wight. They can energy drain, better not tell Mandraiv. Yapp, forgetting to remain invisible is struck quite forcefully by the creature.

Lamatar strikes at Mandraiv and he falls over and turns his attention to me and then it goes dark ……



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