Rise of the Runelords

Session 48 - Minority

The Kreeg Stronghold - Part 2

Comin up one set o’stairs are two hideous (more hideous then me gran) looking hags.
Yap an me got stuck in quickly following on was Mandraiv.
Then a third one turned up … triple hideousness!
The combined stench was worse than that time I spent a week playing ‘Milky Milky’ at The Nest of Vipers in Magnimar.
Tomast sent a ball o’fire at em but only one got frizzled a bit. He also said things would be very bad if we didn’t kill at least one of em ugly bints real quick.

We didn’t and a spell was cast. Lucky that Yap an me dodged out the way.

What was that? A creepy sound then was heard from the stairs behind us!

Drake spits some acid at one o’the hags an drops it.
Two to go.

Mandraiv takes a solid one to the guts before the second hag drops. Leaving the third to drop to its knees and beg for her life.
Mandraiv starts to interrogate her and she tells that Barl Breakbones, the giant leader has the man, Lamater, that we came to rescue.
Barl was sent here by Mock Morian (who the heck is that?) and ordered the ogres to make weapons, to attack the fort and ordered the hags to magically alter the weather. the bad weather has now stopped since we’ve slain one of the hags.

Mandraiv agreed to let the hag live and to take her unconscious sister with her. Not too sure why but she seemed sincere enough when she said she would flee this place.

With pointy thing of goodness in hand, Mandraiv probes me and makes me feel so much better.

Off to the right and following Yap’s squeaks about finding the boss, we find Lamater.
He shoots a load at Mandraiv and I charge him. Tomast says he’s a frost wight … whatever that is but it doesn’t sound good.

Lamater steps back and continues to focus on Mandraiv (I can understand why) and shoots him with more arrows, Mandraiv becomes rather pale. Not sure I like the pincushion look.

Things aren’t looking good as yet more arrows strike Mandraiv and he drops to the ground. Lamater then focuses on Tomast. Hmmm ogres and hags were easy!!!!

Can’t leave Mandraiv to its mercies, so I step up and press the attack.
Drake gets Mandraiv back up but now Lamater focuses on Drake, putting him down with arrows.

This thing is so nimble I can’t seem to land any blows. Arrggghhhhh

Finally a few magical bolts shoot out from Tomast’s body and with the damage Mandraiv and I had inflicted, it was enough to drop Lamater.

Time to bug out with the rapidly cooling Tomast and back to Whitewillow.



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