Rise of the Runelords

Session 48 - Drake

The Kreeg Stronghold - Part 2

As we were recovering a trio of hideous creatures entered the chamber, bravely the warrior woman stepped forward and engaged, she was soon joined by the heroic fey, eldritch power burst from Tomast fingertips as the creatures burned in fire an lightning. I managed to inspire them to greater potency while scoring several hits with the Acid Arrow wand our mighty wizard had generously provided, as Mandraiv waved his scimitar ineffectually in front of him.

Eventually the evil hags fell, save one whom begged for mercy and was summarily interrogated by the valiant paladin, who allowed them to leave, despite the protests of the fellow party members. Every life they take is now on Mandraiv’s hands. By the drunken hero, its going to take some skill to put some spin on this travesty.

So for the epic song:

Moron/Only one brain cell = In possession of a singular intelligence

Naive to the point of stupidity = Benevolently trusting



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