Rise of the Runelords

Session 60-61 (Grayson)

with the morning prayers done, Jai raised and Mandraiv forgiven by his god we were ready to go. Not too soon as far as I was concerned, I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep a wink. Had to keep one eye open in case the ‘friendly’ giant turned on us. Did the party not know it was only a matter of time before she did. Or perhaps she already had by feeding us false information, caution was best just in case.

Heading back the way we came we found some captives guarded by yet more giants. Despite Mandraiv trying to be merciful I made sure they didn’t get up again, those and the ogres hiding around the corner. It didn’t pay to be reckless with helping the ‘good’ giant. With Cora scouting ahead and Mandraiv almost silent this was turning out to be a pleasant stroll.

Unfortunately Cora got a bit overconfident, skipping down the corridor ahead. Then without warning a flaming pike stabbed out from one of the gaps in the cave wall. The Halfling screamed and battle ensued. It turned out our enemies this time were trolls, black trolls, and they used the terrain to their advantage. With Jai almost skewered in two, Mandraiv called out to Sarenrae and almost fell over as he sacrificed himself for the monk. The party was split up and taking damage, Dax couldn’t target his spells effectively and Milosh was now busy healing Mandraiv. Without a thought I squeezed through one of the gaps and made my way towards the troll. Despite it’s best efforts it was no match for me, especially when I was joined by Cora. Once we started to work together there was no stopping us. Interesting that Conna the giant hadn’t mentioned these trolls, or that they were allies…

As we headed down deeper into the underground the walls started to become worked, until finally we entered into a corridor, alien like where all of the corners has been rounded off. Strange, and unnerving. Cora headed off, more cautious this time as she crept ahead. Before long she came back. A spellcasting giant covered in Runes around the corner. Luckily it hadn’t seen her. After a short discussion and some preparatory spells it was time, another giant to deal with. Cora headed in first and I followed, but as I entered the room everything seemed to get larger. The giant now looked huge, Cora no longer looked small to me and all of the rest of the party were now giant sized….


Session 60-61 (Dax)

After a fitful nights sleep that had nothing to do with the brandy (maybe I should’ve drunk more!), I awoke with a sudden feeling that I now had the ability to transport myself and a few of the group all the way home …. Mmmmm how tempting is that!!

Grayson starts waffling on and on as he talks to Mandraiv. He mends the shattered scimitar and then gets the sulking ex-Paladin to hold his hand over a candle as he recites an Atonement spell.

Conna carries on telling us what she knows about Mokmurian and things start dropping into place, along the lines of some Runelord that is a tad greedy …. who isn’t?

Time to go find the runty stunty stone giant called Mokmorian.
After casting a few spells we head out, going back to where Grayson snuffed it briefly to explore the tunnels we hadn’t checked out previously. We’ve got to find a way down to the next level as that’s where Conna said to we’ll find titch.

Cora sneaks off and when she returns she tells us of some Hrumffing things and a giant blacksmith with people in cages. Mandraiv says that we should save the people. Seems this atonement thing has stuck in his brain for now … but for how long?

Casting invisibility on Cora, we move a bit closer to get ready to start the offensive. Really must do something about Mandraiv’s armour!!
A moment later a couple of stone giants and ogres stomp round the corner and the fight is on.
A few spells and some well placed blows and they are soon all down. Time to free the prisoners. Ten in total, 5 humans from Sandpoint and 5 dwarves who want to take the fight to the giants. They’re in no condition to fight or so Milosh diplomatically puts it.
Finally after much grumbling, like my stomach, they agree to wait whilst we go and finish the job.

Now we got a pair of trolls stabbing at us from behind a wall. Well I mean through gaps in the wall.
Jai peers closer into a hole and gets a ranseur in the eye for his trouble. At least the flames on the weapon quarterised the wound.
To help Jai and to stop him from being skewered again I kindly cast displacement on him. He doesn’t even say thank you before rushing off leaving the poor defenceless spell caster all on his own! Selfish bastard.
Finally I manage to catch up with the bastard and Milosh …. no idea where Grayson, Cora or Mandraiv have gone …. and I can just make out one of the trolls. Bloody thing manages to shrug off my glitterdust spell (mumble, grumble).
Ohh, it’s finally squeezed itself out from behind the wall and now it’s in the open. What shall I do now?
I cast slow at it and it works. But Grayson steps out from nowhere and twats it one. Down it goes and I start to splash it with acid and before moving on the other one. Both stop moving.
Time to gather up the loot. Some magic ranseurs, magic cloaks, magic gauntlets and an elemental gem. Grayson gives me the gem. Jai and Mandraiv grab the cloaks.

The rough tunnel winds down and down and it seems like ages have passed before the tunnel walls start to become worked stone. The corridor splits in two and Cora goes right to explore further.
She explains that there is a room ahead containing a runeslave giant, a set of double doors and a light. Strange thing is that she says that when stepping into the room, she felt something magical trying to affect her, but she managed to shrug it off.
The plan is the cast a couple of spells, end with haste and get everyone in to deal with the giant pronto.
So far so good but strangely Grayson goes all small!!

Stay tuned to the next episode of Numpties go Underground :)

Session 59 (Dax)

After telling Milosh that I’m going into the main room to look for Cora, I move carefully forwards. No sign of Cora, but I see the body of a giant but more importantly, I see several very living giants coming closer. Errr make that three more giants, oh and another one that is floating ten feet off the ground!

Hiding in a tunnel for cover I summon a Bralani Azata to help us in the fight, I ask her nicely to keep the floaty giant occupied whilst the rest of us finish off the other ones. Trouble is Mandraiv then chooses to fall over and take a nap. Plonker!

With only the floaty giant to deal with, I manage to confuse her which allows the rest of the gang to get into position to take her down. When Mandraiv, now recovered, strikes her, his sword shatters into a hundred pieces, making me pause for a moment. Using one of my own spells to dispel the confusion, I speak to the floaty giant in her own tongue and ask her to surrender …. which astonishingly she does.

Her name is Conna and she tells us that she means us no harm. Doing my best to keep Grayson from attacking her and also wondering why Mandraiv has a rather blank look on his face (more blank then normal). Following Conna to a safe place, she tells us that Mokmurian sacrificed her husband to one of the runelords, Karzoog, and she wants him dead. If that happens she can perhaps help disperse the giant kin and stop this blood shed.
Giving us details of the layout and information of where we’ll find Mokmurian, she also tells us that the dragon is still allied to him.
Now it’s time to rest as well be safe in this supposedly haunted section of the cave system. Grayson can bring Jai back to life and perhaps aid Mandraiv in mending the broken connection to his god. This is why he had a rather blank look on his face.
Grayson also said to Mandraiv that he could mend his scimitar, to which he reply ‘Oh, cool’. A thank you would have been nice!

Right, time to rest and have a wee snifter to celebrate the fact I wasn’t harmed in the fight. And then another to celebrate the fact that most of us survived. And another to toast the fact that Jai can be brought back from the dead. And another to celebrate a sort of alliance with Conna. And another to …..

RoTR Session 59 (Mandraiv)

I don’t know how long I stared at the broken shards of metal in my hand, everything seemed to move in slow motion, from the moment my sword shattered against the giant elder to now just before dawn. More than enough time to consider my actions and why Sarenrae’s light had dimmed within my soul. I had never felt so alone, only now did I start to understand how blessed I had been, how I’d taken that blessing for granted, and focused on my own success rather than helping others to redemption. It was only when Conna, the stone giant Elder, explained how her husband had been murdered, and her people had subjugated by Mokmurian that I realised the giant’s weren’t the true enemy. In fact with the right path available to them they too could fulfil their destiny.

Thinking back over the recent fights I realised that I may have been too voracious in my attacks on the giants. Shouting the name of Sarenrae in a fight was not the same as living her tenets. Acting in defence was one thing but obviously I had overstepped my mark, and the Dawnflower had noticed. With the death of Jai we had stormed into the kitchen area slaying all of the giants in there. I’m not sure I even noticed that one of the giants hadn’t attacked, or even that she had purposely withdrawn from combat, I was so focused on slaying the creatures that had dared to invade Sandpoint. I know Grayson has his reasons for his hatred against giants but that didn’t mean I had to stoop to his level. So with Dax having confused the sole remaining giant we surrounded her and set about sending her to her grave, no quarter, no mercy. Then my sword shattered, and the world changed, becoming a little darker, a little more in shadow.

Luckily we decided to stop the slaughter at that point and Conna, as she introduced herself explained how Mokmurian, influenced by a dark lord known as Karzoug had slain her husband and taken over as the giant’s leader. Enslaving the disobedient giants through sorcery Conna realised she couldn’t stand up alone against him and so she had waited. Waited for some heroes to help her, and almost was slain by those ‘heroes’. So here we were deep in Jorgenfist discussing what our next steps were.

Decisions made we were to rest at the shrine that her husband haunted. His spirit calmed by her presence, the other giants avoided this area. Morning would come, Jai would be resurrected and Grayson would appeal to Sarenrae for atonement. My sword would be remade, all be it without magical enchantments, and I would once again stand in the light of the Dawnflower, only this time I would be true to her cause. After all I had the feeling she was watching me now…..

RotR Session 57-58

With the watchtower secured The party decided it might be too indiscreet to walk up to the front door, so it was decided to scout around first and see if there was some other entrances into the stronghold. Arriving at the cliff overlooking the river below two caves could be seen below. Perhaps one of these would lead into Mokmurian’s fortress. A few spells later and everyone was inside the first passage, making their way into the dark, web infested cave. Whilst it was no surprise to come across spiders, undead ones weren’t expected and before long both Cora and Mandraiv could feel their strength ebbing away, as poison flooded their wounds. A short while later the spiders were dead and the group tending their wounds.

After clearing the webs Cora had no trouble spotting a hidden doorway that led deeper into the cliff face, unfortunately it’s a bit tight for most of them but little Cora doesn’t have any trouble. Carefully scouting ahead she comes across a group of small gnomish creatures with bloody red caps. They didn’t seem too impressed with the party and another battle ensues. Wielding their scythes the redcaps almost decapitated Grayson. Luckily Mandraiv was there to take the blow and once again the fight was over. The party didn’t tarry long however, the cramped conditions and the possibility of more of these creatures being about driving them forward.

Once again Cora headed the group finally leading the party out into a larger ‘ giant sized’ cavern. Although what waited for them there was far from a giant. Just a small Kobald wielding a spear. Unfortunately she was a very angry kobold, and everyone knows you don’t mess with an angry Kobold. Grayson stepped up trying to calm the situation down but unfortunately that just redirected the tirade onto himself. Seconds later he was dead on the ground while the rest of the party were still moving up out of the narrow tunnels. Once the full party was there the kobold quickly fell too, And Grayson was called back from the realm of the dead. Still at least they had appeared to have found the giant stronghold.

Cora continued to scout ahead to the tunnel on the left, the others waiting behind. As the messages came back that there were giants around the corner the party embarked on a cunning plan of snaking and surprising their opponents. Unfortunately as Jai snuck ahead a secret door opened and a giant stepped out, shouting in giant, and wielding a heavy Pick. The party was split with Cora and Jai dealing with one set of giants while the others dealt with the one shouting. Cora ran rings around one of the giant, stabbing with her daggers, before hiding under one of the giant tables. Jai unleashed a storm of arrows while Mandraiv and Grayson stood up to the other giant. The giant put up a good fight grievously wounding Mandraiv but Grayson was there to heal him, before finishing off the giant. Sanding over the giant’s dead body Grayson could see the still body of Jai lying on the floor and hear sounds of the other giants searching for Cora in the room beyond. The battle was far from over and it looked like the element of surprise was now gone…
Session 57/58 (Dax)

Nothing of interest in the tower, time to explore the tunnels in the cliffs below Jorgen fist. Perhaps one of these will provide us with a sneaky way in, rather that presenting ourselves at the front gates.
After a lot of verbal diarrhoea about Mandraiv’s inability to climb down to the cavemouth and to stop my ears from bleeding, I change from cloud form back to my normal form and use a dimension door spell to take myself, Mandraiv and Jai the cave entrance.

Cora sneaks in after I’ve given everyone the ability to see in the dark, but she attracts the attention of some nasty undead type spiders.
We make short work of them but not before Cora and Mandraiv have been bitten. We find some magic stuff amongst the webs, but first I have to ‘wet the whistle’.

A secret door! Well done Cora. The little lady has darn good eyes.
Down the narrow tunnel we go, tighter and tighter it gets, but Cora doesn’t seem to mind, cos she’s is little. Then just as we get to an even tighter spot, these little humanoid things, wearing red coloured caps, jump out at us and attack.
Milosh says that these things are Redcaps and feykin. They don’t like coldiron weapons or holy symbols. What a strange cocktail!

Anyway, the guys and gal get stuck into the blighters. Cora seems to get stabbed a few times so I put a displacement spell on her. Then with only two critters still standing I blind one of them temporarily. Milosh takes full advantage of its blindedness and stabs it three times.
Mandraiv tries to follow suit but fails.
With one left standing it lashes out and the look of horror on Grayson’s face seems to tell me that it’s gonna hurt big time. But Mandraiv utters a quick prayer before crying out in pain. Hmm that was some sacrifice … at least he’s good for something!

The last one drops to the rocky floor but a moment later one of its kin opens its blinded eyes and kicks out at Mandraiv. I send some heavenly fire at the critter sending it back to unconsciousness.
‘At least I’ve determined that they’re evil’ I say.
A moment later the slaughter ends with none of the redcaps moving.

Creeping and crawling further along the tunnels, a cry in a strange language is heard. People start moving forward in a rather submissive manner. Don’t know why?
Then the kobold comes into view and it attacks with a very angry look on its face.
It doesn’t seem to like Grayson much as it pursues him where ever he steps and takes him down.
But then Mandraiv finally gets there and takes slays the creature.
Jai rummages into his pack and then Grayson’s pack and hands me a scroll and some dust, telling me to use the dust so that I can cast the raise dead spell on the scroll.
Just a little snifter first to calm the nerves and I start to read.

Grayson’s eyes open and I have a little drink to celebrate.

Moving on, Cora explores the tunnel beyond and tells of a large kitchen with a large cook cooking. Apparently two other giants are on watch a little further away. Asking her to wait for backup from Jai before starting her assault, Jai moves up, but part of the wall moves aside and a giant steps in to the tunnel between us, Jai and Cora.

After hasting the party I then put displacement on Grayson. Mandraiv falls over and I try and slow the giant but he shrugs off the spell.
No idea what’s happening to Jai or Cora!

Finally the stone giant dies and I push on up the tunnel to find out what’s happened to my two friends. Jai is lying in a pool of blood near the end of the tunnel and there is another giant looking my way. Time to disappear …. which I do.

Session 56 (Dax)

Three days later, we arrive in the hills that overlooks Jorgenfist. There is a large walled fort in the middle of the valley. Five towers line the walls with three structures within, one being a black shard. Seven large temporary settlements surround the fort and there is a large watchtower to the west that overlooks the valley.
Off to the east in the hillside is a cave and down to the south looks to be a river at the bottom of a large cliff.

Cora goes off to do some scouting. She tells of several giants that stand guard and on the top of the watchtower is huge female theing with grey skin and red hair. No one has a clue what it is.
Some of the giants have runes etched into their skin. Some kind of special enchantment that turns them into zombie like slaves.

Cora continues her scouting of the western side of the valley and then a shout goes up from the huge female thing. Cora goes to hide amongst one of the giant encampments but its clear that the female thing is intent on finding her so she simply flies off.
After a moment the female thing stomps back towards the watchtower before changing direction and heading to the fort. Time to act me thinks.

Jai lets fly with his bow and the female thing turns around and comes to attack, along with a couple of the rune giants.
The big Taiga Giant, as Milosh names it now that it’s closer, runs at us but Jai stops it dead in its tracks. Now time to deal with the three rune giants. But I can see the signal fire has been lit and I decide to try and put it out.
One of the rune giants charges past me which is just the reason for me to cast invisibility before I moved …. phew.
Looking over my shoulder at the combat behind me, I see Jai take a staggering blow from one of the beasts, but he’s still standing some how. Just as well as his bow hums again and down goes another giant. Two to go.

I’m close enough to call on my magic again to douse the flames of the signal fire. I hope it was in time.
No time to dispose of the corpses, not that I’m going to strain myself shifting that dead weight. Now we’re off to investigate the watchtower.

RotR Session 56 (Cora)

So finally after what seems like a lifetime of travelling across the Storval Plateau we arrive at Jorgenfist, Mokmurian’s base. So far the journey had been uneventful but I didn’t think that was going to last, looking over the valley there were camps of giants everywhere. After what seemed an age of discussion it was finally decided that I would sneak down in cloud form, courtesy of Grayson, and scout out the watchtower near the valley entrance. So off I went, invisible and floaty. Imagine my surprise then when the huge giant on top of the watchtower looked directly at me, shouted something and then jumped off the 50 ft tower running in my direction. There was no way I was waiting around to find out what she wanted. I hightailed it into one of the camps hoping to lose her there before floating up the mountain away from all the action. In the meantime after the giant giant (yes that is correct she was huge), stomped around the camp she was ambushed by Jai on her way back. Luckily she was brought down before she could do any real damage and the other guards, some sort of runeslave giant only managed to light the warning fire briefly before Dax put it out. Still if it wasn’t for Grayson calling on the might of Torag, I’m sure they would have caused some serious damage to the group. I have to say this scouting lark isn’t as easy as I was told, I’m just glad to still be here.
So with the watch tower cleared, although we couldn’t clear up the bodies left on the road in, we have worked our way around the edge of the valley. Mokmurian’s fortress is still to be breached but there’s some caves in the Cliffside and up the mountains the others want to investigate first. All I can say is I hope they don’t want me to scout ahead again….

Session 55 (Dax)

My feet hurt.
Thankfully we finally arrive at the Storval Stairs.
I huge structure these stairs are. Jai says that part way up are a pair of giants.
Plan is for Cora to sneak up invisible and then as soon as she skewers one, I teleport the rest of the group up to assist.

Cora, for some reason, comes back down the stairs after only going half way up?
She says that there a couple of giants in the side chambers along with a tied up humanoid.
The plan is changed to target these giants first and then we’ll go after the ones further up.
When we arrive there are actually three giants and four captives. The giants are soon dead but something here is casting spells and we can’t see it!

The giants further up start to roll rocks down the stairs and Mandraiv gathers moss. Plonker.
Milosh sneaks up whilst invisible while I start to free some of the captives, who have been identified as being from Sandpoint. Cora does the same.
The real so called hero is outside on the stairs playing with the giants. He really seems to care about the poor people of Sandpoint, bound, beaten, starved and miles from home …. homes that are most likely smoldering ruins with loved ones possibly fresh in their graves.

Stepping back out on the stairs, two giants are engaged with the Paladum and two are further up still rolling rocks. I simply blind them with glitter and the others finish quickly take them down.

With four freed citizens of Sandpoint and no sign of the sneaky spellcaster, it’s time to get them to safety as there is no way that they could fend for themselves.

By chance, a short moment later Grayson turns up. After telling him what’s been going on he casts windwalk on the townsfolk who then float off home. That was fortuitous.

Rotr Session 55 (Storia)
Storval Stairs
Finally we have arrived at the Storval Stairs I have to say being with Teratkinus is starting to grate, and he’s the most intelligent of the people I’m with. Other than the prisoners. I’ve ordered them to be split up so they don’t break free as a group like the last lot. Teratkinus has decided to wait here for a day before pushing on to Jorgenfist, I feel like just heading out on my own but I know I’ll then be challenged, and punished once the rest of them catch up with me. There’s a disturbance from outside it looks like we are under attack, It would appear that our heroes have arrived, Let’s see how they deal with the overbearing leader of this expedition, or should I say how he deals with them. It’s a shame the Dwarf isn’t with them, I know how much he detests them. Hmm that was quick Teratkinus only lasted seconds, it looks like this group has some mettle, and it’s time for me to get out of here. A quick casting and I’m off, only pausing briefly to glance at the opposition… The lovely Cora, her hair smelling as sweet as ever. Mandraiv the holy warrior revelling in his god’s blessing, Tractus is going to love him. Dax swaying on his feet, inebriated but effective, I recognise him from somewhere.. hmm I wonder… Jai the uptight archer, and finally the loudmouth of the group Milosh. I look down at my bracers, ancient leather with Varisian symbols on them – I smile to myself he should have been more responsible with his heritage. A quick spell to help the giants at the top of the stairs and then I’m off, moving much faster in the plane of shadow, it won’t take me long to report in to the interested parties…..

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